Entrepreneurial Lunch & Learn: Accidental Entrepreneur

Image of Entrepreneurial Lunch & Learn: Accidental Entrepreneur

Wed Oct 04 2023 12:30PM – 1:30PM | Wed Oct 04 2023

Event Description:

When you ask any entrepreneur about what started them on their entrepreneurial journey you are going to hear very diverse stories. For some entrepreneurs there is a strong desire to see a childhood dream actualized and for some it could be as simple as a hobby. In this session Morgan Mack, the owner of the Rockaway Candle Co, will discuss how she built her home fragrance company from a hobby to being featured in Forbes. Morgan will share how she went from simply giving the gift of scent to family and friends to selling tens of thousands of candles across the United States. Event Location: Zoom Please use link below to register for the event: https://baruch.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZwrfu2vrjwoE9F5z8DMzvx-Dqt7QBP2lzUc